State-of-the-Art Single SQL database, Web-native Human Resources, Benefits & Payroll

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Your firm, your staff, and your employees will enjoy having all your HR, payroll and benefit activities, changes, and functions integrated in one place under SQL security via the web.

Our system will enable you to centralize all employee information for viewing and reporting in one place. Your new system will automate workflow and eliminate tons of paper.

Clients tell us EBSPaySuite HR speeds up everything in the HR and payroll departments. Your staff members get the tools they need to restore sanity in their chaotic world .

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Employee Self-Service


Employee and Manager Self-Service provides a central hub for employees, managers, and your executives. You get a lot more than just access to history, W-2s and paychecks. 

We provide an in-depth view and a clear picture of performance qualifications, professional development, goals and past performance.  We enable managers to manage using the web as a tool thus eliminating many paper documents.

We allow you to create and assign user roles  to determine what information staff can access.

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Phone 800-227-2729

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

EBSPaySuite is available in the United States.
Multi National 11 foreign language versions are available worldwide.

EBSPaySuite provides a true Benefits Hub. You can finally say good-bye to manual calculations, paper forms, manual spreadsheets and external documents buried elsewhere.

We start with a wizard for open enrollment, you can give employees the power to enroll in the plans they are eligible for and the appropriate information to make decisions regarding benefits, plans, costs and their (deductions) contributions.

The system also provides for life changes and enrollment files being sent electronically directly to your carriers at no additional cost.

EBSPaySuite includes payroll and tax filing most clients.

We make payroll a great day not only for your employees, but also for your payroll staff.  We get the right information to accounting, human resources, everywhere you have payroll taxes. 

We provide many cool tools for your managers that speed up and make the payroll managers’ job easier plus guarantee accuracy.

Our True Integration Features work with your general ledger, 401(k) providers, pension, and benefit administrators.

We bring in hours and dollars from your time and labor system (or EBS Time), as well as, your commissions and expense processing software. We will include your most complex labor calculations and do them correctly. 

EBSPaySuite Payroll provides for state and local tax filing in all 50 states.

A Main reason we have been successful for 25 year is we have a delightful service priority.
Many firms seem to want to make servicing clients easy on themselves than making it easy for the customer. We will handle your service needs promptly and professionally.

What is our attitude? Simply stated Support and Service is everything that’s important to the client when dealing with payroll, benefits, HR, or T&A. We are here to make your job easier, answer questions, teach and advise. We save
your time. We are here solving issues and avoid problems.

Contact us today to enhance your payroll, T&A, and human resource experience with our integrated web native, HRMS/payroll system.
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