Find the Best Candidates

Find the best candidates for your open positions with EBSHire. This recruitment software package helps you track applicants, acquire talent, and onboard new employees.

Integrated with Your Website

Managing emails, PDFs, and physical resumes is always a headache. EBSHire integrates seamlessly with your website and HR system, so you can manage all these documents from one, central location. You'll have instant access to comprehensive, preformatted reports and tools that make the recruiting process so much easier.

Save Time at Every Step

You'll save time at every step of the recruitment process, from creating job postings to reviewing resumes. That means you'll have more time to focus on what matters — finding the best possible person for your vacant position. EBSHire also integrates with social media and lets you import previous applicants from Excel spreadsheets or other software packages.

Happy Team


Finding a great candidate is just the beginning. EBSHire also helps you integrate your new hire into your company structure. The built-in onboarding tools help you ensure your employee feels welcomed and is able to hit the ground running.