A Complete Time & Attendance Solution

Optimize your productivity with EBSTime. This time and attendance software package gives you complete information about your workforce. It offers a simple, accurate way to track hourly wages, time off, leaves of absence, and more. EBSTime was built with the Microsoft .NET framework and MS SQL Relational Database Management System, which delivers incredible speed, reliability, and flexibility.

Fully Customizable

Every organization is different, so EBSTime is fully customizable to meet the needs of your business. You'll be able to create electronic timesheets, automate wage calculations, and establish payroll policies from one central location. You can also enter, review, correct, update, approve, reconcile, and validate the timesheets in real time. The system is fully integrated with our payroll software, but it also works as a standalone system.

Powerful & Flexible

EBSTime's powerful workforce management tools are easy to use and fully scalable to organizations of all sizes. The package also includes automatic cost tracking tools, so you can allocate labor and wages — with or without benefits — to codes, projects, or jobs. It's also perfect for tracking employees who work at home.